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In the back of my cab Linda Lust
  Heathrow Airport Wankle Rotary Engine being serviced
  Black Hole Come and beat my Sponge mix
  Satan What a funny place to keep a Hamster
  Ozone Layer My Rotarian wants action
  Plato & MFI  
  Haley's Comet Llama Man
  Henry VIII Fighting Captain KY & Dr Skoda
  Dr Who's Tardis  
    Mick and Keith
  Diamond Geezer / Mr Spoons Big Predictions for 1990
  The Fast Show Keith's not well today
  Graham Sponge in Prisoner Spoof  
  The Man from Del Monte Mr Mad
  Sally Staring-Eyes-Breadknife Living inside Paul McCartney's Guitar
  Hello Voiceover Man What make's me mad.........
  Pilot Announcement Living inside a bottle of Paint Stripper
  Shark Hunting  
  Showbiz Gossip Sid the Manager
  Not an advert for British Rail Imagine you're in a lift
  Blackbox in the Forties In Store Announcements
  Invasion of the Space Aliens A Store Announcement
  I'll eat anything me More Store Announcements
  Sonic Cathedral of Sound One last one
  I'm not Caron Keating  
  Hello to your pets Talkie Bits
  Don't mention that name Baywatch
  Round Table Memory
  Arnie and the Terminators Steve's first broadcast on Radio1
  Jingle Montage Tonight's the night
    Spotlight on The Beat
  Arnie & the Terminators Bobbly Shoulders & Knobbly Knees
  I'll be back - full song The happy sound of Radio One
  Arnie -Remix  
  Arnie - Washing Up Music Bed 1
    Music Bed 2
  Spoofs Music Bed 3
  Wayne Carr in the afternoon